Diploma Courses in Architecture

1. Diploma in Architectural Assistant ship

Duration: 3 Years

Level:  Diploma After 10+2

Diploma in architectural Assistant ship may be a diploma level architecture Engineering course. architectural Assistant ship Diamond State that it’s general direction, prepares and reviews plans for building construction or modication; conducts studies to see division area wants and applies these to existing buildings and capital improvement projects; and performs connected work as required. throughout the course candidates ought to prepare operating drawings of buildings, basic data of the vital materials like; stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior niches, glass, plastics, building hardware, nano gram materials, additives and admixtures, adhesives etc. and different connected areas thereto. diploma in subject Assistant ship is 3 years period course. This course may be a job orientated within the eld of construction.

Diploma in Architectural Assistant ship Employment Areas:

Colleges & Universities

Construction Companies

Urban Housing Bodies



Manufacturing Companies

Diploma in Architectural Assistant ship Job Types:

Architectural/Interior Designer

Sales Manager

Architectural Project Manager

Architectural Draughtsman/Draftsman

Senior Architectural Assistant

Performance Architecture

2. Diploma in Architecture Engineering:

Duration: 3 Years

Level: Diploma After 10th

Diploma in architecture Engineering (DAE) could be a credentials level design Engineering course. architectural engineers play a vital role within the interdisciplinary style groups of today’s designed setting sector and consequently rank among the very best paid designed setting professionals. Programme considers low carbon building style and also the integration of renewable energy systems into buildings. It deals with services engineering problems, building the abilities needed to traumatize the challenges in services style and implementation which is able to be intimate with within the operating setting, and provides students with the most effective foundation for launching or fast a career as an architectural engineer.

Diploma in Architecture Engineering (DAE) Employment Areas:

  • Educational Institutes
  • Civil Engineering Departments
  • Construction Companies
  • Airports
  • Indian Railways
  • Housing Boards

Diploma in Architecture Engineering (DAE) Job Types:

  • Junior Architect
  • General Manager
  • Technology Specialist
  • Teacher

3. Diploma in Construction Management – DCM:

Duration: 1 Years

Level:  Diploma After 10+2

Advance diploma in Construction Management (ADCM) is diploma level Construction Technology course. The program provides courses in construction science covering the heavy civil, commercial, and residential elds. Students can find out about construction materials and inexperienced building ways through the utilization of readings, 3-D models, active laboratory exercises, and website visits. Construction Management courses in Estimating; programming, BIM, job website management, safety, and soil testing are provided.

Advance Diploma in Construction Management (ADCM) Job Types

  • Framing and Finish Carpenter
  • Siding Installer
  • Maintenance Welder
  • Deck Builder
  • Roofer
  • Dry-waller
  • Remodeler
  • Electrician

3. Diploma in Construction Technology (DCT):

Duration: 3 Years

Level:       Diploma After 10th

Diploma in Construction Technology (DCT) may be a diploma level design course. Program prepares students to enter the executive and middle management levels of the building housing industry. it’s designed to administer students a basic understanding of the general building housing industry. On the work coaching is an integral a part of the program. They learn the way to supply a top quality assurance set up and a site-speci c safety strategy for a construction project. They gain an understanding of the principles and processes of construction web site management and survey necessities for the set-out of an ad building. The course is career aligning in nature that has several opportunities in varied elds when its completion.

Diploma in Construction Technology (DCT) Employment Areas

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Road Building Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Urban Housing Boards

Diploma in Construction Technology (DCT) Job Types

  • Assistant Resident Engineer
  • Chemist Network Technician
  • Assistant Manager
  • Assistant Professor
  • Of ce Administrator
  • CivilCo-ordinator
  • Junior Trainee Engineer